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typingHere are some of the things that readers have said about. . .
Grounding Therapy: Nature’s Most POWERFUL Natural Health Secret Rediscovered”

“. . .found your explanations of the need to ground refreshingly clear and understandable. Likewise the diy (cheaper) solutions to making effective equipment. I shall be recommending your book. . .” Kath Griffin, posted on this blog.

” . . . a wonderfully succinct book about grounding. . . . I can’t recommend this enough. . . . Excellent read”  Rhianno H Morris. 5 star review on Amazon.co.uk

“An excellent explanation of grounding. I have since tried it and it works–less stiffness, better sleep. I can walk better. Wouldn’t be without it.”  Sister Mary Debrecht 5 star review on Amazon.com

“Good info but the book was a little short”. Di Guild 4 star review on Amazon.com

“Interesting theory presented in this book.
I would recommend” cr51103 5 star review on Amazon.com

“Very good info!” Amazon Customer. 5 star review on Amazon.com

“Good” Cavrunin. 3 star review on Amazon.com