Extraordinary Folk

Just spent a wonderful weekend at The Upton Folk Festival held in the lovely little town of Upton on Severn in Worcestershire. So many great acts, all for free.
The highlight of the weekend for me? Take a look at the video of the Beltane Border Morris. As they say on their Facebook pageThink Morris dancing is all bells and hankies and tea with the vicar? Think again. Welcome to the Dark Side of Folk;”
The dark side of folk indeed. As someone else remarked, These guys are like pixies, only scarier. With electrifying music, pulsating, hypnotic percussion, wild shouting, clashing sticks, scary male dancers, high stepping short-skirted female dancers and enough fishnet to supply the Brixham trawler fleet, the performance was more than exciting; it was positively abandoned. The video gives some idea of the unrestrained pagan energy these guys give out, but you really had to be there.
Can’t wait to see them again.
Or indeed for the Upton Blues Festival, the best free blues festival in the UK( 21st to 23 July 2017). I’ll be there. Why don’t you check it out?

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