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Great Uncle Cosmo and the case of Severe Hiccups

It’s Christmas. So I decided to take a little time off and write something completely different.  I mean Completely Different. I don’t know what strange part of my head it came from, but It looks like I need a rest!

Great Uncle CosmoMy Eccentric Great Uncle Cosmo and the Hiccups.

Did I ever tell you the story of my eccentric great uncle Cosmo and his hiccups?’ said our hero as he took his accustomed place against the bar of The Jilted Widow.

The other regulars shook their heads.

Great uncle Cosmo.’ continued our hero, after taking a sip of Boggles’ Old Wonky. ‘My mother’s middle uncle. Nice chap, but totally off his head. He once ate nothing but Brussels Sprouts for a month in the belief that it would enable him to speak French. Of course it had no effect, except that great aunt Philomena thought it prudent to keep him away from naked flames for a week or two.

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