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Grounding Therapy Fabrics: Wear, Tear and Care

Groundology - Earthing for Health and EMF ProtectionGrounding Therapy is vital for your good health, and, as you may know, using commercial grounding equipment from reputable specialist suppliers like Goundology is a safe and convenient way for busy modern people to enjoy its many benefits.
The trouble is, with fabrics in particular, although they are undoubtedly great value, they are not exactly cheap because of the large amount of silver woven through them.
It makes sense, then, to carry out your due diligence and find out as much as possible about these contraptions before you invest your hard-earned cash in one. One of the questions most asked by my readers concerns grounding fabrics such as sheets and covers, and, specifically, the laundering and care of them.
I put these questions to the specialists at Groundology, who have provided me with the following very helpful information.

“The conductive life of the sheets will vary depending on factors such as skin type, skin products used, washing detergent, washing method, even certain food supplements and diet can effect how oxidising the sweat is.
On average the sheets will have a conductive life of 2 to 3 years, although we have seen sheets that have been in use for 5 or more years that are still perfectly conductive.
This is due to a natural oxidation process that occurs on the silver thread, in response to the factors listed above.
In order to obtain the longest life from a sheet, be sure to follow the washing and usage instructions.  This includes to wash the sheet regularly (every week or two if in nightly use).  Some people think that they will extend the life of their sheet by not washing so often, but in fact this can be harmful as it allows the body oils and other organic deposits to build up on the silver thread.
Here is a list of what to avoid in your washing detergent for maximum life of the sheets:
Fabric conditioner (built-in or separate)
Bleaching/whitening agents:
Chlorine based (Sodium hypochlorite, Calcium hypochlorite, etc)
Peroxide/Oxygen based (Hydrogen peroxide, Sodium percarbonate, Sodium perborate, etc)
The manufacturer recommend to wash regularly (at least every week or two), preferably at 40C.
Here are some examples of washing detergents which are simple liquid soaps with no additives that could potentially be harmful to the silver:
Bio-D Concentrated Laundry Liquid (available in many places online, although not always in supermarkets)
Morrisons Kind and Gentle (available in Morrisons supermarkets)
With gentle detergents such as these, it’s best to wash at 40C (not lower).”

So now you know. Happy Grounding!

Can grounding therapy help you live to be one hundred years old?

Does grounding helps you live to be 100For years we ‘grounding’ freaks have been banging on about the health benefits of grounding therapy, particularly when it comes to fighting that arch-enemy of good health, chronic inflammation.
I’ve even written a book about it.
But now I’m going to get really smug.
Because now it’s official.
If you want to live to be a                      healthy centenarian, the most important thing you can do is reduce the levels of inflammation in your body.
This is the main finding from a 2015 study by experts from Newcastle University’s Institute for Ageing, and Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, who set out to discover what were the common factors which allowed some people to live a healthy and physically independent life over the age of 100.
Professor Thomas von Zglinicki, from Newcastle University’s Institute for Ageing, led the UK part of the study. He said “It has long been known that chronic inflammation is associated with the ageing process in younger, more ‘normal’ populations, but it’s only very recently we could mechanistically prove that inflammation actually causes accelerated ageing in mice. This study . . . makes a strong case to assume that chronic inflammation drives human ageing too.”
Fellow researcher Dr Yasumichi Arai, Head of the Tokyo Oldest Old Survey on Total Health (TOOTH) and first author of the study, said: “Our results suggest that suppression of chronic inflammation might help people to age more slowly.
They could have read my book first, and saved themselves some time, but I don’t want to be curmudgeonly about this; it’s a fine piece of research, a major health advancement, and a vindication of those of us who believe Grounding Therapy to be the most important health discovery ever.
Dr Zglinski goes on to observe that “. . . designing novel, safe anti-inflammatory or immune-modulating medication has major potential to improve healthy lifespan.”
Dr Yasumichi Arai agrees, saying “. . .presently available potent anti-inflammatories are not suited for long-term treatment of chronic inflammation because of their strong side-effects. Safer alternatives could make a large difference for the quality of life of older people.”
Will someone please tell them that a safer alternative is already available. It’s called Grounding Therapy. Did I mention that I’ve written a book about it?

More information: “Inflammation, but not telomere length, predicts successful ageing at extreme old age: a longitudinal study of semi-supercentenarians. EBioMedicine.
Press release from Newcastle University

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